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About Us

HEFT is founded by a mom that became aware of Pyroluria in her search for answers to help her young son succeed in life.

At 7 ½ years he was not reading, had very volatile emotions and multiple sensory integration dysfunctions. Fortunately we found a superb naturopathic doctor that relied on lab tests to make a diagnosis. He tested at 17 μg/dL kpu pyrroles which our naturopath recognized as significant for a child. Simultaneous blood plasma testing indicated zinc levels below minimum range thus we knew we could believe the Pyroluric condition was real. I did not see myself in the first symptoms list but when I researched further I was floored by the realization that my whole family tree indicated suffering from Pyroluria. My maternal grandmother had severe manic depression (bi-polar) in the 70's, my father alcoholism and my sister panic attacks. Once I saw my family, I saw myself. My original test level was 71 μg/dL, far over the 50 μg/dL considered critical. It took several years to find balance. Like many of us Pyrolurics I did not know what normal should have been.

From the beginning I have shared our story of success over this destructive condition with family and friends. I have been happy that a few people have pursued the diagnosis and experienced better health but more often frustrated that not enough could because of the lack of resources and lack of support in the traditional medical community. I’ve started HEFT for two main reasons; First, as we have healed and are experiencing a healthier and joyous life I have been raising my kids to take ownership of their health and always remember to take their zinc and B6 supplements but I’ve realized that this is not enough. Some day when I am not here, I don’t want my grandchildren or their children to forget and suffer. Secondly, as I have studied my family heritage I’ve seen clues as to how deep and wide Pyroluria may run. When a distant cousin confirmed depression and suicides in their branch of family I redoubled my efforts to spread the life saving truth. Our society needs to be made aware of this hidden inherit zinc and B6 deficiency and Pyroluria needs to be recognized, understood and treated by our traditional health care community. 

The impact on the world will be profound. It is my belief from reviewing different research that at least 20% of the population is suffering from the disorder at a dysfunctional level and an informal survey of friends show that 80% of us indicate zinc deficiency based on a Zinc Assay Taste Test. When Pyroluria is recognized and more people get adequate amounts of vital zinc and B6 nutrients we will reduce mental disorders (schizophrenia, bi-polar, depression, suicide, etc.), alcohol and drug abuse, Autism spectrum disorders and likely many other illnesses.

Warning: The statements made on this site are not made by a medical professional or approved by the AMA or FDA. Readers must rely on their chosen medical care professional resource for diagnosis, treatment, cure and prevention of any disease.

Sep 21, 2011


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